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In several moments we approached the consolidation of credits as a solution to reduce the monthly charge of several loans. The purpose of consolidation is clear and there seems to be no doubt that in the short term it is an effective solution as it allows one to alleviate the monthly finance charges.

It seems to be generally accepted that this type of credit solution is much more expensive (on the whole) than the individual payment option for each loan. We have a different opinion. As well used, the consolidation of credits can be a fundamental step to alleviate the financial suffocation of the families.

Payday Loans Consolidation May Be the Solution

Credit Consolidation May Be the Solution

We have focused in recent years on helping people reduce their payday loans, whether by payday loan consolidation Bonuses. There are always solutions for situations of financial tightening so if you need not to hesitate and get in touch with us. And why not simulate your new installment?

If It’s More Expensive Why Should We Consolidate Credits?

consolidation credit

As a general rule, several types of clients are used for consolidation, although with a very similar credit situation, namely:

  • Various consumer credits;
  • Various Credit Cards;
  • Occurrence of unemployment in the family;
  • Decrease in disposable income;
  • Name in the list of Banco de Portugal.

This does not mean that every client that uses consolidated credit is in all previous situations, but usually it is in at least one of them.

These cases are typical of the lack of financial sensitivity in the management of Personal Finance. To aggravate and reinforce the one presented in the article Consolidate Credits 3 Tips for After I remember that the success of a consolidation goes through the control of consumption and the strength to say no to more credit.

In our article on Consolidating Credits and Making Money, we have clearly demonstrated that the myth of credit consolidation is outdated and that clients, even without the financial hassle, should look to this solution as an opportunity to make money.

The idea is to work with all existing credit instruments, namely, consolidation, early repayment and savings for depreciation without incurring any additional costs.

However, in a natural way, consolidated credit without associated strategy is more expensive than the natural and individual repayment option of each loan. In other words, adding credits and increasing term is more expensive than paying them off naturally.

Why Not Create Obstacles for After Credit Consolidation?

Why Not Create Obstacles for After Credit Consolidation?

Effectively and for the sake of many of the customers who use credit consolidation the existence of a database on the subject would be beneficial in that it prevented their access to more credit. However, these new clients take on a new financial landscape after consolidation, with many of them having an effort rate well below the safety limit .

This phenomenon makes it possible to use more credit from the banks and facilitates access to more credit cards from the main suppliers or intermediaries in the placement. We are facing a major problem because, in most cases, the boost to consumption can lead to more indebtedness. In these cases we suggest the appointment of a financial diagnosis consultation to avoid aggravating financial problems.

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