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Accelerating ADAS with HUBER+SUHNER’s First Long Range 3D Antenna

The HUBER+SUHNER 3D Waveguide Antenna is the first long-range metalized plastic 3D radar antenna designed for ADAS, offering ultra-low losses for the most accurate object detection while meeting automotive standards.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) use advanced technologies to assist drivers when operating a vehicle, improving performance and road safety. Based on injection molding, the HUBER+SUHNER 3D waveguide antenna creates an air-filled waveguide to achieve very low insertion loss and extremely superior performance compared to PCB antennas. Its increased size allows the antenna to read objects over 300 meters away, providing wide bandwidth and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. While major OEMs are requesting sensors containing 3D antenna components for this increased performance, HUBER+SUHNER is leading the way in this arena as the only vendor to offer 3D antennas for use in long range use. HUBER+SUHNER develops antennas for all automotive radars, in addition to long range radars, it also includes medium and short range radars and corner radars.

Mid-range radar antenna HUBER+SUHNER

Francesco Merli, Head of Product Management & Development Antennas & mm-Wave at HUBER+SUHNER, said: “The use of waveguide antennas has become an attractive alternative to conventional PCB technology. It offers improved efficiency, pattern stability and impedance bandwidth at a competitive manufacturing cost. In addition, the exploitation of a third dimension facilitates the rather free distribution of the gratings over a large antenna aperture allowing to obtain a high angular resolution and increased possibilities of virtual gratings.

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HUBER+SUHNER will be showcasing the 3D waveguide antenna at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo June 21-23 in Stuttgart, Germany at booth #6516 in hall 6. It is part of the solution portfolio automotive radar antenna from HUBER+SUHNER. To book a meeting, please visit HERE: https://www.hubersuhner.com/en/registration-forms/2022/meet-us-at-adas-autonomous-vehicle-tech-expo-in-stuttgart

For more information on the HUBER+SUHNER 3D waveguide antenna, please visit: product page

This press release is also available at: https://www.hubersuhner.com/en/company/media/news

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