Barça B 2-2 Albacete: Split points

Split points in the Estadi Johan Cruyff. Barca B and Albacete had to settle for one point apiece after Blaugrana Lucas De Vega in the last minute of added time late in the second half to save the Blaugranes.

The match started well for the blaugranes when Ferran Jutgla made it 1-0 with just eight minutes. A great run and finish from the striker who played for the first team this season gave Barca an early advantage.

The lead lasted until well into the second half, despite pressure from visitors Albacete. However, after 72 minutes, Rubén Martínez leveled things at the Estadi Johan Cruyff. There were chances for both sides before Albacete took the lead when Manu Fuster scored from the spot just five minutes from time.

Nevertheless, when all seemed lost, De Vega recovered a loose ball in the penalty area to equalize at home in the 95th minute and give Barça B a precious point.


Barca B2


Barca B: Carevic, Comas (Guillem Jaime, min. 66), Mika Mármol, Diounkou (Peque Polo, min. 91) Matheus, Kays Ruiz (Lucas De Vega, min. 58), Jandro, Ramos Mingo, Jutglà, Akhomach (Peque, min. 58), Fabio (Ghailan, min. 58).

Albacete: Bernabé, Djetei, Boyomo, Manu Fuster, Berto (Montes, min. 74), Kike Márquez, Riki, Johannensson, Sergi (Kawaya, min. 82), Dani (Rubén, min. 57), Emmanuel.

Goals: 1 – 0 , Ferran Jutglà (min. 8); 1-1, Rubén Martinez (min. 72); 1-2, Manu Fuster (min. 87); 2-2 Lucas De Vega (min. 95).