Chivas: Alexis Vega could leave El Rebaño this summer

He was El Rebaño’s best player in Clausura 2022.

For the Repechaje match against Pumas which gave Liguilla the last ticket, Chivas arrived with two main incentives: improve unbeaten streak that they have since Ricardo Cadena took over the team and Alexis Vega‘s contract extension.

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After months of stalled negotiations between El Rebaño and the 24-year-old left winger, he was Amaury Vergara who intervened to resume conversations and seal the contract extension, given that the owner of El Rebaño agreed to make Vega the highest paid player on the roster.

Before the extension, Vega only had six months left on his contractand if Chivas had been eliminated in Repechaje, he could have started negotiate his arrival in any club like a free agent in December, which is why Vergara gave in to his economic claims.

Now, Alexis Vega is under contract with El Rebaño Sagrado until 2024, something that gives Chivas the security that Vega will not play for any other team in Liga MX, but also that, upon his departure, Chivas will receive economic compensation.

He could leave sooner than expected

Although part of the strategy to retain him at Chivas was to have him for Apertura 2022, hence the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where it could improve its market value with a good performanceAlexis Vega could leave El Rebaño earlier than expected.

Reports from several Mexican media have pointed out that Amaury Vergara visited the facilities of PSV Eindhoven on the Eredivisie side during the weekthe same day that Chivas accepted the extension of Alexis Vega’s contract.

Although his presence at PSV has been mainly related to the strengthening of labor and economic relations with the Boerenthey were part of the teams that showed interest in Vega a few months agoand Eve sent scouts to observe him closely, something which might also be on Vergara’s agenda during his visit to Holland.

PSV aren’t the only team interested

While broadcasting the match at Marca Claro, they revealed that since Vega’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he was followed by Primeira Liga side FC Porto and now that PSV could start negotiations for his transfer, they renewed interest in acquiring it over the summer.

Whichever team is serious about adding him, will have to pay between 5 and 10 million dollars for his transfersince his new contract is friendly to all European club offerswhile preventing Liga MX clubs from suing him, as they will have to pay $15 million.

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