chr. Hansen Unveils Vega Boost Cultures, Paving the Way for Dairy-Free Cream Cheese

May 17, 2022 — Nutrition giant Chr. Hansen is introducing helper fermentation cultures alongside soy-free and dairy-free cream cheese made from beans. The cream cheese, which has a nutritional composition similar to dairy products for animals, was developed in partnership with Givaudan, Ingredion and AAK.

Vega Boost cultures extend Chr. Hansen’s Vega grow kit, offering more solutions for plant-based NPD that offers tasty and healthy dairy alternatives. The new bean cream cheese boasts great flavor, with an affordable-to-produce formula using only five ingredients.

chr. Hansen says the formula can be “easily” adapted to various tastes and applications by adding flavorings or spices.Additionally, the environmentally sustainable formula can be made allergen-free, furthering the inclusiveness of the products. The inclusion of high-protein beans meets the growing demand for more protein in foods.

Tailor-made solutions
Dr. Ross Crittenden, Senior Business Development Manager, comments, “Vega Boost’s new bacterial strains provide customers with a unique opportunity to tailor the fermentation process to specific product needs.

He explains that the main benefits of using Vega Boost cultures during formulation include improved fermentation performance and more nuanced flavors, providing flavor differentiation in the space of plant-based dairy alternatives.

“Along with improving the quality of plant-based raw materials, the Vega growkit has closed the taste gap with dairy-based cream cheese.” Crittenden goes on to say that the company sees the projected “significant” growth of plant-based cream cheese in the next two to four years.

The food of the future
Christian Gilleladen, Senior Applications Researcher at Chr. Hansen, says the nutrient profile of bean cream cheese is similar to that of dairy products for animals and indicates that the company plans to further explore the plant-based dairy category.

“We look forward to working with our customers to inspire innovation in this space, using our Vega Boost cultures and application expertise to bring delicious, plant-based cream cheese alternatives to life,” he said.

Bean Cream Cheese was developed using the ingredients and expertise of Chr. Hansen’s partners at MISTA, Givaudan’s R&D center based in California.The company says the plant-based cream cheese space will see massive growth in the coming years. The partners worked together at the site to develop dairy alternatives for the future.

Experts have found that the beans have superior sensory and physical properties to make a vegan cream cheese spread while being affordable compared to alternatives.

Gilleladen points out, “Producers see the relatively low cost and simplicity of the recipe and production process as an added benefit.”

Recently, NutritionInsight spoke with an expert from Chr. Hansen on the emerging categories of gut brain and weight management.

The company started the year strong, recording significant growth despite market challenges.

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