Fort Lauderdale, Florida man stole pension from deceased mother, FDLE says

title=wpil_keyword_linkVega from March 1, 2022 after his arrest by Hollywood police.” title=”Mugshot of Marc Vega from March 1, 2022 after his arrest by Hollywood police.” loading=”lazy”/>

Mugshot of Marc Vega from March 1, 2022 after his arrest by Hollywood police.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

There was nothing Oedipal about Fort Lauderdale resident Marc Vega wanting the state to believe he was his mother’s husband. As the Florida Department of Law Enforcement describes the situation, it was pure greed.

FDLE says Vega assumed the role of her late mother’s ex-husband, convinced a state agency they were still married when she died, and collected $90,000 of her retirement benefits before he not be caught. Following Tuesday’s arrest by Hollywood police, Vega, 42, is being held in Broward County Jail on charges of conspiracy to defraud, robbery and use of counterfeit instruments.

Vega’s bail amount, according to online prison records? $90,000.

He will have to surrender his passport and prove that his bail money does not come from criminal activity. Vega was on six months in five years of community control probation for three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, one count of kidnapping and one count of escape.

This probation followed Vega’s seven years in prison for escape, kidnapping, aggravated battery and one count of strangulation by domestic battery and aggravated assault with a weapon, without intent to kill.

Had he not been arrested as a domestic abuser, as FDLE describes the current fraud case, he might not have been exposed as a qualified fraudster.

Marc Vega.jpg
The photo of Marc Vega as he began his prison sentence in July 2014. Floirda Correctional Service

A mother, an ex-husband and a wife

FDLE says Vega’s mother had been a state employee. When she died in 2010, no one could claim survivor benefits from her public retirement account, as FDLE, the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS), explained to Vega. He was 30, five years too old. Her spouse could claim these benefits, but Vega’s mother was divorced.

So, FDLE said, Vega contacted DMS in 2011, claiming to be her mother’s ex-husband and that they were still married when her mother died. FDLE added that it produced “several edited and fictitious documents” to support both claims. This allowed him to collect survivor benefits.

But Vega was arrested in February 2013 and, after conviction, imprisoned in 2014 on the above charges after an episode of domestic violence in which he hit his wife with a chair; suffocated her; and threatened to cut off his face. Online records indicate they had been married for less than two years.

During Vega’s incarceration, FDLE said, his wife “tried to access (retirement) benefits.” And that brought out the red flags at DMS.

“The DMS-Office of Inspector General contacted FDLE after receiving correspondence from what appeared to be more than one person claiming to be the husband,” FDLE said.

The investigation concluded with Vega’s arrest on Tuesday.

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