Historical victory of Gustavo Petro in the elections in Colombia

Progressive Senator Gustavo Petro became Colombia’s first elected progressive president since the 1930s after a historic vote on Sunday.

According to the National Register, Petro beat runner-up, allegedly corrupt Rodolfo Hernandez, by a margin of more than 700,000 votes.

Hernandez conceded defeat two hours after the polls closed.

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Spontaneous celebrations erupted in Medellin after it became clear Colombia’s increasingly authoritarian President Ivan Duque will be replaced by a progressive president.

Duque said on Twitter that he called Petro to congratulate his successor on his election victory.

The historic election results were announced after a campaign marred by irregularities and accusations of fraud by National Registrar Alexander Vega.

(Image: National Register)

Vega came under even more fire on Sunday after the Independent Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) said voters across Colombia received tainted ballots.

According to MOE Director Alejandro Barrios, some of the ballots that were delivered to polling stations had dots and stripes in the blank vote square.

(Picture: MOE)

Barrios warned that these apparent printing errors could “confuse” election jurors who are supposed to disqualify votes if they have marks in more than one of the options on the ballot.

Colombian election observers say voters received tainted ballots

The irregularities were among 297 reports of voter fraud received by the Department of Education up to 4 p.m. when polling stations closed.

Most of the fraud reports came from the capital Bogota.

An electoral witness to Petro’s “Historic Pact” was murdered in the southwestern province of Cauca, according to the MOE.

Fraud reports