La Vega ISD releases statement on student killed in overnight shooting | KWKT

La Vega ISD expressed condolences for the death of a high school student killed in a double shooting in Waco on Sunday night.

Calveon Nichols, 17, was one of two people who died in the shooting. The other was Christopher Brown, 21, of Waco.

La Vega High School principal Sandra Gibson sent a letter notifying parents of Calveon’s death.

Principal Gibson encouraged parents to talk with their children about how they feel, as each person deals with grief in a different way.

Crisis counselors were on campus Monday providing support to students and will remain on campus as long as needed.

The school also advised parents to contact a school counselor, administrator or therapist if their children experience any of the following changes:

• Agitation, nervous behavior
• Problem concentrating (for several days/weeks after the incident)
• Difficulty sleeping, frequent nightmares (for long periods after the incident)
• Fear of being alone
• Ask questions repeatedly
• Focus on/relive past losses and/or tragic events
• Change in eating or sleeping habits
• Loss of interest in activities he or she once enjoyed doing
• Significant changes in ratings

Principal Gibson asked parents to call (254) 299-6820 if any changes in their children’s behavior or personality concern them.