Mara Vega, ex of Raúl Araiza, breaks the silence on their separation: He is a great man

They say there: “The show must continue”and this is the attitude that was taken Marie Vega35 years old, after his breakup with Raúl Araiza56, with whom youhad a courtship that lasted eight months And that ended a few weeks ago.

In our previous edition, the driver told us that he had decided to end their relationship because the difference of 21 years between them weighed on them; now we spoke with the Colombian, who told us that she is live this very sad processand:

-Mara, we heard about your breakup with Raúl, how are you?
“I’m sad, I’m living my process, but we have to move on, that’s why I’m focusing on my career and exercising a lot.”

– What do you remember from this relationship?
“It was an eight month courtship and I keep the best, with the beautiful moments, while grateful to life for having shared this time with him.”

-Have you spoken to Raul?
“No, everyone has to go through their own process and I really don’t want to talk about it much; I will only say that Raúl is a great man.

-Tell us, what do you do professionally?
“I continue to prepare and they called me for several castings; I already miss the forums and I look at the projects. Moreover, I work with my brother for a production company.

Marie Vega

We’re glad you’re taking it well…
“It’s true, life goes on and as I love my job, right now I’m concentrating on it. I am grateful to life and to this wonderful country that gave me the opportunity to pursue this great career. There’s Mara for a while!” he concluded.

Marie Vega

Through her social networks, the actress also spoke about it and shared an image in which she shows that despite her sadness she is sure that life has something very beautiful in store for her.

Mara thinks there is something good for her

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