Prosafe accepts extension with Cosco for Two Flotel

May 19, 2022

Credit: Prosafe

Offshore accommodation platform provider Prosafe has agreed with Chinese shipyard Cosco to expand delivery flexibility for the Safe Nova and Safe Vega fleets, under the deal was first struck in August 2018.

“It remains the intention that Prosafe will bring the vessels to market once contract opportunities materialize, with the Brazilian market being the most likely given the next round of tenders expected. In the meantime, Prosafe is marketing ships worldwide, although it has no financial obligation until the ships are delivered,” Oslo-listed Prosafe said.

Prosafe agreed to purchase the two rigs in 2016 from Axis Offshore. The platforms were then known as Axis Nova and Axis Vega.

Information on Prosafe’s website describes the Safe Nova and Safe Vega as “technologically advanced and efficient DP3 harsh environment semi-submersible ASVs designed for worldwide operations”.

“The Safe Nova and Safe Vega were built at COSCO’s Qidong Shipyard to an improved GM500A design, incorporating 500 beds, DP3 stationkeeping and 10-point mooring for flexible and efficient operations in the harshest offshore environments.

Both vessels are high specification ASVs which include modern and comfortable accommodation, wellness and leisure facilities, modern client offices and meeting areas and some of the most advanced offshore rescue systems available. the website.

In other Prosafe-related news, the company recently secured long-term work in Brazil for its semi-submersible vessels Safe Notos and Safe Eurus.