Queen Zelina Vega wants to make history with a very first feat

Zelina Vega has been making headlines in the year 2021 for different reasons. She was not part of The Company at the start of last year after being released by The Company in late 2020 for overriding WWE Third Party Policies. But then the company hired her on a summer contract that marked the beginning of the brightest phase of her career.

Zelina Vega became Queen Zelina in October 2021. In the WWE Queen’s First Crown Tournament Finals held at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Vega defeated Doudrop to claim the accolade . She was officially crowned Queen Zelina with her dress, crown and scepter on the stage who also posed on her throne. This probably allowed him to achieve other unprecedented achievements on the road.

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Official WWE Queen Zelina Vega recently sat down with DC101’s Mike Jones to talk about winning the WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament in Saudi Arabia in late October. This win made her the first-ever woman to be crowned WWE Queen. She is obviously grateful to the company for securing this honor which elevated her career as an in-ring performer.

After this win, she quickly won the Women’s Tag Team Championships with Carmella. This makes her the first ever Queen’s Crown winner to win the women’s title. Now she is focused on the highest possession of the red mark, which is the Raw Women’s title.

Zelina Vega wants to take a major step in WWE

“I can have something just for me,” Zelina Vega said. “Carmella gets the first-ever Money In The Bank. The first-ever tag champions being, you know, Bayley and Sasha. There’s different people for different things. Asuka, the first women’s Royal Rumble winner. But now, for me , I’m the very first queen. It’s just another thing you can have in your back pocket and say to yourself “it’s amazing I did this and I’m keeping it for life”. Not just while I’m in WWE, but for the rest of my life.'”

“When it goes into the history books, I’m the first queen, I’m the official queen. So when you look at this, I’m not just the first queen, I’m also the first queen who is also the Women’s Tag Team Champion! So now I want to move on and make history again. I want to be the very first queen to also be a RAW Women’s Champion. (quotes courtesy of Wrestling INC)

WWE Raw: Queen Zelina Vega Wants To Make History With First-Ever Achievement 2

Just a few months ago, such dreams would have been impossible for Zelina Vega, but things have changed after she ends up having a roller coaster year. She firmly believes that the good times have only just begun for her. Hopefully WWE would keep pushing for it to produce another superstar in it.