Ramon Vega cries because Sven Botman chose Newcastle United over AC Milan – Glorious

Ramon Vega has spoken about Sven Botman’s choice to sign for Newcastle United.

Or more specifically, choosing to sign for Newcastle United and not AC Milan.

Sven Botman, 22, flies to Newcastle for his medical on Monday and now everyone is waiting for official confirmation of the signing.

Newcastle United and Lille having reached an agreement on Friday.

A mediocre-to-average defender, Ramon Vega has played for Grasshoppers, Watford, Celtic, Tottenham and Cagliari. He has now spoken to Italian media about Sven Botman’s decision to select Newcastle over AC Milan.

Some of the comments from Italian journalists were hilarious, crying because Newcastle United were chosen ahead of the Serie A champions.

Ramon Vega now joins the Italian media (see below).

It’s glorious, it makes Sven Botman’s signature all the sweeter!

Ramon Vega speaking to Milan News – June 27, 2022:

After so many weeks of waiting, Sven Botman has decided: no Milan, he is going to Newcastle. Did money play a decisive role in his choice?

“I think so.

“At the end of the day, money always makes a difference in football.

“(But) Then I congratulate the new owners of Milan. Even if they are rich, they did well not to participate in the auction, with Botman’s money you can buy two or three players.

“Having said that, I am convinced that the money definitely made a difference in Botman’s choice.

“With former Magpies owner Mike Ashley in place of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, he never would have gone there.”

What kind of player did Milan lack?

“I saw him play in Ligue 1 at Lille and I can say he is a good player.

“The new Van Dijk? No, Sven is a mix between Jaap Stam and Frank De Boer.

“It’s a shame not to see him in Italy, he would have undoubtedly improved the defensive and tactical phase with you. “

Was it a personal decision or was the former player influenced by the club?

“In my opinion, the French club and their agents convinced him to accept Newcastle because Milan were not ready due to the change of ownership.

“I repeat, in the end the choice was dictated by money, in England he will win more.

“But I don’t think he’s super happy with the decision he made. Money is important but that’s not everything. And if you’re not happy you can’t perform the way you do. would like “.

So, do you think Botman was really hoping for Milan?

“AC Milan is AC Milan, a great European team.

“Newcastle will never have the charm of the Rossoneri.

“But the new Saudi-owned project has a lot of appeal for players.

“As a former footballer, I would have prioritized Milan and waited a bit longer.

“But maybe Sven was influenced by the project which sold him ownership of the club. Maybe they promised him that in two, three years, they will play the Champions League. And as we all know, Newcastle are the richest club in the world. They really have the financial means to build a great team in the future. “