Real Madrid give Alexis Vega the best news in a surprise move

Alexis Vega and Real Madrid

Alexis Vega is one of the most notable players in Mexican football. In this sense, the player is on the radar of several European clubs and also, after the 2022 World Cup, he could have his big revelation season and make the leap to Europe once and for all, and he has already received great news from one of the most important teams in the world.

It is precisely Real Madrid, a club that is already slowly beginning to give way to its renewal in the squad and therefore is already looking at the transfer market for possible replacements of the most veteran players in its team and is already appearing a name in merengue board records.

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What’s the big news Vega received from Madrid?

It is precisely that according to the English media, Alexis Vega is one of the profiles that interest Brighton and after the possible departure of Caicedo, the Premier League team would put all their eyes on the Mexican midfielder to sign him in 2023. D all the more taking into account the Mexican desire to make the leap to Europe.