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See Inside One of Michael Moore’s Michigan Homes Sold for $4.3 Million

For someone who speaks out against capitalism, Michael Moore has certainly had a taste of the good life here in Michigan. Take a look at his former Torch Lake home which recently sold for just over $4.3 million.

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This sprawling home sits on nearly four acres of land directly on Torch Lake, with approximately three hundred feet of lake frontage. The home is located at 222 S. East Torch Lake Drive in Central Lake, approximately 50 miles north of Traverse City.

The sumptuous details

“Opulent” is a word that comes to mind to describe this house. It includes seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and two shower rooms. There is even an exercise room, probably set up for the convenience of guests.

Speaking of guests, the property also includes a lavish guesthouse. When you look at the pictures below, see if you agree: It seems to me that the kitchen in the guest house is nicer than the kitchen in the main house. The bright blue and red cabinets in the kitchen of the main house seem to detract from the warm and cozy ambiance of this beautiful home.

Say what you want about Michael Moore

In his more than 30 years as a documentary filmmaker and filmmaker, Moore has become an easy target, especially for those in the Flint, Michigan area. But to his credit, his 2002 film “Bowling for Columbine” won the Davison native an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. His film “Fahrenheit 9/11” was nominated for Best Picture in 2004.

Michael Moore’s former home on Torch Lake

Take a peek inside one of Michael Moore’s former homes in Michigan, which recently sold for just over $4.3 million.

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Be sure to visit the guest house (towards the end) and a few bathrooms which we thought were a bit odd.