High Dimension

TikTok theory urges abstaining from drinking to reach a new dimension

The latest conspiracy theory released on TikTok encouraged people not to drink alcohol over the holiday weekend to ensure they reach a new dimension when a particle accelerator accelerated this week.

The bizarre conjecture is part of a growing New Age movement on TikTok that was discussed on the Fever Dreams podcast, which is hosted by Daily Beast political reporter Will Sommer.

The New Agers believe they’re refraining from drinking and other ‘low-vibration’ activities before the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is ramped up on Tuesday for fear of getting stuck in a past universe, Sommer and guest Andrew Kirell , also from The Daily Beast, discussed.

“There’s a growing New Age movement that believes that if you had an alcoholic drink on the 4th of July, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck in that dimension when we all jump to the new world,” Sommer said on the podcast.

The Hadron Collider, located in Geneva, was recently commissioned for the first time in a few years.

TikTokers believe a sign of dimensional travel is the “Mandela Effect”.

“And so this idea that we’re all going to go into another dimension, into the multiverse,” Sommer said, noting that one TikTok user advises people to keep their vibes high to blast the dimension.

“And so that’s something that I really wasn’t aware of until the 4th of July when we suddenly started seeing all these TikToks online of people saying we were going to go to the next dimension on the 5th of July” , he continued.

“Now that means you have to be in a really positive space when the Hadron Collider is activated, you have to be ready to travel through the abyss for drinking to open your demonic pores.”

TikTokers believe a sign of dimensional travel is the “Mandela Effect” misremembering things like “Febreze” is spelled “Febreeze.”

“And really, it’s all just people’s inability to process nostalgia,” Kirell said.

Kirell, who had a drink on Independence Day, said: ‘The change of mood is that everyone is leaving for a different dimension and I find myself here with all the people who had a drink on the 4th of July , so that would be pretty sick, honestly.”

“Squares have moved to a different dimension,” Sommer joked.