Vega Certificates Open Doors to Opportunities

Many students who enrolled last year find themselves in a situation where their plans to study for a degree this year have been thwarted by their grades.

Many students do not realize that they are capable of pursuing post-matric studies, even if they have not obtained a university degree.

Those who didn’t apply for college space in time may also feel they have to give up a year.

But that’s definitely not the case, because there is another option – complete a one-year higher certificate at Vega, a hallmark of The Independent Institute of Education, the largest and most accredited higher education provider. deprived of SA.

IIE’s higher certificates provide a solid foundation for future academic study, while allowing successful candidates to enter their chosen career upon graduation.

“Many last year’s students find themselves in a situation where their plans to study for a degree this year have been thwarted by their grades. But for those who remain determined to study for a bachelor’s degree, pursuing a higher certificate will allow them to take the next step without having to repeat the matric,” says IIE Vega Chief Executive Officer Shevon Lurie.

She says higher certificates have replaced many foundation programs because they offer students the chance to gain a full qualification, while mastering the essential skills needed for success in higher education.

“There is still time for prospective students to enroll in an IIE Higher Certificate if they are advancing quickly.”

Lurie says IIE’s higher certificates at Vega are stepping stones to success because they’re “laser-focused” to equip students with real, forward-looking skills that demand continues to grow in the rapidly changing workplaces around the world.

“All of our higher certificates equip students with the skills they need for very specific roles and all are linked to a range of career opportunities.”

Registrations for 2022 are now open. Visit and learn more about getting started on the path to career success.

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